December 2014

December 2014

Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Five - Stitch Fix Review

Happy Friday!  I'm looking forward to the weekend, how about you?  I decided to do my Friday Five around my Stitch Fix pieces that I received this week!

1. The first item I tried on was the Mapei V-Neck Blouse - $44. I loved the fun colors and the light-weight colors. And that it is a very versatile piece, and can be dressed up or down.

2. Once my fix shipped, I cheated and googled all of the items before they were delivered. (You know you do this too!) This was a pretty popular dress so I found it instantly, the Lex Textured Floral Fit and Flare Dress - $74. I knew I would love the style of the dress, as I had a similar fit and flare style dress from my first fix. I loved the fit.
3. The second top is the Edmondo Stud Detailed Split-Back Blouse - $38. I loved the color right away, a fun turquoise for the summer. I wasn't sure about the style, but the more I walked around in it, the more I liked it.  Plus the hubs really liked it, so it was a win! I forgot to take a picture of the back, which is the fun part..whoops!  It has the gold studs going down the back, and it splits at the bottom.
4. Oh this jean jacket.  Morrie Boyfriend Denim Jacket - $58. I wanted to love you, and I am still unsure about this one. It's a very heavy jean jacket, which I'm not sure how much wear I will get out of it in Florida.  I don't see myself wearing it in the Spring/Summer. It fit, but it was a bit big at the shoulders and the arms.  You can see below how the sleeves come over my wrist. 
5. The Marsha Bowler Satchel Bag - $68. I asked for a crossover type bag and my stylist delivered! It's a good size, but could have been a little bit smaller.  The color is a powder blue.  Again, this is one I am unsure about. I showed the pictures to my co-workers and they think it's a great color and to treat it like a neutral. 
 Not too bad for my second fix!  What do you all think?  Should I keep or return the items I am unsure about?

And to end it off on a really cute note, this little girl is having her first recital tomorrow!  Can't wait to see her dance her beautiful heart out! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with great memories!

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