December 2014

December 2014

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Vegetable

This weekend was a great one for firsts!  Kaitlyn had her first veggie and went in the pool for the first time.  But this post will be solely about her first vegetable.........
Sweet potatoes are full of vitamins, and since they are sweet (hence their name), lots of people say this is a good first vegetable to begin with.  Kaitlyn already has been eating rice cereal, and loves it, so we were excited to give her a new taste.

I also wanted to try making her food myself.  Not only does it save a lot of money, but this way I know exactly what she is eating, and it's made with love by her momma!  So I started out with 3 sweet potatoes.

I baked them for 40 minutes, until they were nice and tender.  Then I peeled them.

Once peeled, I chopped them into smallish pieces and put them in my Magic Bullet, put some water in with them and mixed the bad boys up!
I didn't have any ice cube trays to put them in, so I had to brainstorm........didn't really have any small Tupperware for small portion sizes....think Suzanne think!  And Viola!
My deviled egg container, had a good portion size, and I could stick in the freezer for individual sizes!

I'm so proud!
All frozen into individual portion sizes!
For what it's worth, I give Kaitlyn 2 pieces at each meal where she has food, so the 3 sweet potatoes make approximately 8 servings.  One serving is approximately 3/4 of a jar you buy at the store.

We went to Nana and Pop Pops for the weekend, where Kaitlyn had her first sweet potato.  How do you think she liked it??  (Don't mind the First Halloween Bib!  Since Kaity was only a month old for her first Halloween, she didn't really have a chance to wear it, so now she is :) )
All Clean and Ready to Eat!
What is this mom?
This is good!
I like it, gimme more!
She loved sweet potatoes!  Now I can't wait to give her more, and I can't wait for her to try other veggies, and fruits too!  What food should I give her next?

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