December 2014

December 2014

Monday, October 21, 2013

Zackary-4 months!

Happy four months baby boy!  You've had a great month.  You are such a happy baby, you give smiles to everyone!  And from what I hear, you are quite the flirt!  One of the day care ladies was commenting on how you have smiles just for them, but when she found out you were giving smiles to another lady, she was not happy!  Such a ladies man! ;)

4 month stats: 
I am totally guessing here.....we don't go back for check up until Nov 1.
Weight: 14 lbs?  Height: 26"  ??

You Love to:
  • Smile, doesn't matter at who
  • Grab things
  • Roll over!!
  • Suck on your hand, arm, fingers, etc.
  • Drool
  • Coo and babble at mommy
  • Watch Football with Daddy
Watching football, go UCF!


  • You went on your first Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk.  You hung out in your stroller for the whole race, slept a little, but mostly liked to look around at everyone wearing pink!  You supported your Aunt Sissy very well!!! 
With daddy before the race
My pink Girl!
During the race

Race Bibs

  • You rolled over! From the back to front.  We were all super excited!  You had been half rolling over for a little bit, but now you are a rolling over champ!

I am still amazed at what an awesome, happy baby you continue to be!!! Love you my "Zack Attack!"
Sibling Love!


  1. Such a handsome little guy! I love Kaitlyn's pink outfit!

    1. She rocked the pink! She also had "pink" day last Friday and she still has her pink tattoo on her cheek!