December 2014

December 2014

Monday, August 26, 2013

Zackary's Baptism

I meant to get this post up last week, but just got the pictures today, so it's a week late.

We had a very special event this past Saturday, Zackary was baptized!  We opted to have the same Pastor that married us and baptized Kaitlyn, to baptize Zackary, Pastor Jeff.  And we were so glad we did!  Even though little Zack cried through the whole thing, it was a wonderful service!  Part of that was my fault (ok maybe all of it) because we were late getting to the church because I forgot his shoes.....and then he started fussing right before the service started.  I thought, "hey maybe I can quickly give him a little milk before the baptism starts".  And it was literally like two seconds he was on the boob, and I had to take him off.  So I guess if you were starving and tempted food for two seconds and then it was taken away from you, you would be crying too!  Ah well, memories right?

Andrew's Family
Me and my girl, that's one big cake!

The big boy after the baptism was over, he was tired!
Also to note, his baptism outfit was made out of my wedding dress, as was Kaitlyn's!  My mom made both outfits and I love that we now have a keepsake to pass on to (hopefully) my children's children! And I love that it was made from my wedding dress!!

Kaitlyn's Baptism Dress

Us with Pastor Jeff for Kaitlyn's Baptism-Oct 2010

After the baptism, we had the family stay at the church for food and cake.  It was a nice small affair, perfect for our family!

Happy Baptism Day Zackary, you are now a child of God! :)

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