December 2014

December 2014

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pregnancy Recap

Since I'm starting this blog a bit late in the pregnancy stage, I figure I better do a recap of important events and milestones up to this week, which today is 25 weeks! Woohoo!

Let's journey back.........

January 18: I go to my normal doctor for a routine checkup. I hadn't had one in a real long time, and with Andrew's blood pressure issues, I figured I'd better get checked out. All is going well, and then we're reviewing the blood work, and I casually ask if they check to see if I'm pregnant. And the conversation goes like this:

Me- do you usually do a pregnancy test?
Dr.- no, do you want us to do one?
Me- nah, I don't think I'm pregnant...
Dr. -when was your last menstrual cycle?
Me- December 15th....
Dr. -wow, you're late! do you want one?
Me -no, I'm always this late....
Dr -lets do one, it'll only take two minutes
Me - ok......

So I went and took the urine test, the whole time thinking "why am I doing this, this is stupid, I'm not pregnant!"And 2 minutes later the doctor comes back in, and says IT'S POSITIVE!! BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!!!I couldn't believe it.....kept telling the dr to shut it! HA! Then I took the blood test, and would have to wait to hear........OMG!After the dr, I went home to tell Andrew. I was so flippin excited, and knew he would be too. I walked in the door and told him to look at the prescription I got. Prenatal vitamins? Took him a second to believe it. You're pregnant?? He looked excited and scared all at once! :) That's how I felt too!!!

January 19:'s official! The drs. office called me today to tell me the blood test confirmed it, I am PREGGO!!! Had to call Andrew right away. We are very excited, nervous, anxious, scared, EVERYTHING!

January 26: Had a last minute ultrasound today. I've been having a few issues for a couple days, so I called the dr and they had me come in to make sure everything was ok. And it was! I wasn't as far along as I thought I'd be, but we did see the yolk sak! So now the baby is known as "little yolkie"! Awwwww!

February 1: The morning sickness has set in. Nothing sounds good to eat, all I'm eating is saltines and water.....haven't been actually sick, just nauseous all the time, and sooo tired!

February 9: 9 weeks into pregnancy. Our first official pre-natal appointment! We got to hear the heartbeat, so amazing! Only met with the ultrasound technician and one of the nurses. Also met with the financial women to set up all our appointments, and tell us how much going to the doctor will fun!

March 18: I'm 13 weeks, had another pre-natal appointment with one of our doctors, Dr. Karen. We both liked him very much. I was a little concerned with one of the doctors being a male, but he was awesome! And we confirmed our due date of September 21st!

April 22: 18 weeks today! Going for our doctor appointment, with Dr. Karen. The nurse couldn't find the heartbeat, so we got an ultrasound, SCORE! And since I was far enough along, she told us what she thought the sex was....GIRL!!!!!!! Andrew and I are beyond excited! We didn't care if we were having a boy or girl, but knowing now is soooooooo exciting.

April 23: Our big ultrasound to find out the sex and measure the baby. Since the ultrasound tech already told us the good news, we didn't tell the other tech doing this ultrasound, wanted to make sure they concurred! And sure enough, both of the other techs confirmed she was a girl! So now 3 different people have said girl, so we are pretty sure it's as accurate as can be!!!! :)

May 17: 22 weeks. Pre-natal appointment with Dr. Lewis. She is very bubbily, and super nice! Both Andrew and I loved her! Checked my blood pressure, weight, urine. I had a few questions, and all was great! We went over the measurements from the big ultrasound, and our baby girl is right on track!

Phew! So that is the recap up to this point, 25 weeks pregnant! Pictures coming soon!

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