December 2014

December 2014

Monday, June 7, 2010 a nut shell

So a little background on "Us".
Andrew and I were married on November 10, 2006. We dated for almost 5 years before getting hitched.

Us on our wedding day!

We are total Disney freaks! Love all things Disney, have annual passes, we try to go all the time...we even had our wedding reception at Disney!

And we had Mickey and Minnie at our wedding Disney freaks!
About Andrew: He's 29 and is currently the CFO at a credit union in Orlando. He is a numbers guy, has an incredible memory, and a dry sense of humor. He is an unbelievable husband and best friend. He loves UCF football (and UF football), the Minnesota Vikings and Twins (and the Yankees).
About Suzanne: I'm 26 and am an interior designer.  I design for timeshares, restaurants, offices, residential...pretty much all things! I'm pretty fortunate to have a great job that I love, and am always doing something new. I love to sing and bust a move. I don't have a good memory, can be sort of a klutz at times... I love me some Florida football (and UCF football) and Yankee baseball (and the Twins).
Come September 21st, we both get to add mommy and daddy to our resume! Parenthood is going to be some journey, but we are both up to the exciting challenge!

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