December 2014

December 2014

Monday, September 16, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap-The Big One - Part 1

Last weekend I turned the big three - oh!  To celebrate, I told hubby all I wanted to do was go to the beach. I preferred the west coast of Florida, but didn't care either way.  My only requirements were:
1.) A resort, with a fun pool, so Kaitlyn would enjoy some pool time.
2.) A resort on the beach, not across the street, with a beach view from our room, preferably with a balcony.  I wanted to hear the waves!
3.) A separate living space and bedroom.  That way once the kids go to bed, Andrew and I can still have our time and not have to whisper.
4.) Not spend too much money, since I am still on maternity leave!
5.) No more than 3 hours away, didn't want to be in the car for too long.

Not a lot right?  :) Well, unfortunately, we had to pretty much nix the west coast pretty quickly, since it was much more expensive than the east coast.  But fortunately, one of my co-workers got us a voucher for the Marriott friends and family rate, so we booked a 1 BR suite at the Palm Beach Marriott on Singer Island, FL.
Palm Beach Singer Island Exterior
Image from their website
We left on Friday, the 6th.  Andrew took the day off, so we packed the car up and left around noon. After a quick stop at subway for lunch, we were on our way!
Me with my Gator snuggie, I'm always FREEZING in the car
Andrew is ready to go!
Kaitlyn has got her movie on and a snack, she is ready!
No picture of the Zack attack, but he was great in the car.  He played for a bit and then fell asleep and slept the whole way until we got off the highway.  Kaitlyn also took a nap after her lunch, they both did great.  We got to the resort at about 3:15pm.  Our room wasn't ready yet, but we only had to wait in the lobby for about 15 minutes.

So we booked a 1br suite, with a full kitchen, living area and king sized bedroom.  When we walked into our room, it was actually a 2 bedroom suite!  Way bigger than we needed, but we didn't mind the upgrade!!!
Full kitchen (there was no oven though)
Living Room with Walk out balcony
Master Bedroom-King Bed
2nd Bedroom-I think these were full beds
Master bath was HUGE!  Nice big tub and you can't see it, but a really big shower to the left.
Our beach view on the balcony.....let's all take a moment  and just relax.....ahhh
Once we were all unpacked and settled, it was beach time!  

Why hello there!
Photo op with the boy
My new bathing suit from Target!
We didn't stay too long at the beach. We just brought ourselves and Andrew and Kaitlyn did some shell searching while Zack and I sat on the beach.  There was a really close reef that people were swimming to and walking on.  Some were even snorkeling.  Zack started to get a bit fussy, and I knew he was getting hungry, so we walked back up to our room.

I fed Zack, and then we ordered pizza for ourselves.  We knew the on property resort was super expensive, so we called concierge for the local delivery pizza joint and ordered two pizzas.  They were very good!  It was getting late, and we had a big day the next day, so we got the kids to bed, and I enjoyed this view for a bit!!

It was a great start to my birthday weekend!

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