December 2014

December 2014

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap. The Big One - Part 3

So, here is part 1 and part 2.
It's Sunday, my actual birthday!!!

I wake up to this wonderful view, it's another beautiful day on Singer Island!  The hubs goes down and gets us some Birthday Starbucks, yum yum!
A nice way to start my birthday!
And then Kaitlyn joins me on the patio to give me my presents!  I got two sets of Gator earrings and a new Gator tervis tumbler mug, nice!
Love my presents!!
And then Kaitlyn picked out her gift for me, a little stuffed monkey, which she named "Coozy".  She told me she picked him out because he has purple eyes and ears, and purple is my favorite color! Awww! :)  I didn't see much of Coozy the birthday monkey after that.  I think he became Kaitlyn's birthday monkey, teehee.
Kaitlyn and Coozy!
Today was going to be pool day!  So we all got dressed!
Ready for the pool - with someone photobombing ;-)
Someone was having their own play time
Had to get in on the action of the picture in front of the mirror.
We got to the pool and thankfully, no rain clouds today!  I found a spot in the shade for Zackary and I, and Kaitlyn and Andrew hit the pool.
Hanging on the lounger with mommy.
Soon though, the shade started leaving our spot (darn you sun!) and it was getting pretty crowded.  I knew Zack was going to want to eat soon, so I moved us to a row of lounger chairs all the way in the back, that was shaded, and their was nobody their.

While Zack was feeding, Kaitlyn was finally brave enough to go down the water slide with Daddy!!  And soon after, Zack fell asleep, and I got to go down the slide with Kaitlyn too!  I don't remember the last time I was on a water slide, it was fun!  And Kaitlyn was having a ball!  
Getting ready to slide down!
And here is the video of her first slide!  Listen for right at the end, she says "I got something in my mouth!" Poor girl, now she knows to close her mouth when sliding, she swallowed a bug, whoops!

Soon it was getting to be lunch time.  We checked out the pool food, but nothing really sounded good, so we opted to head back to our room.  I want to say we had the rest of our pizza for lunch?  Maybe? I do know we had an early dinner, Andrew made spaghetti, it was delicious!  Then we went off property to find some ice cream.  There was a shop just down the street, and we all got some ice cream.  Kailtyn got vanilla in a cup, Andrew got cookies and cream in a cone, and I wanted to try something different and got dulce de leche in a cone.  It was good, but was a little too sweet for my liking.  That always happens to me when I decide to step out of the box with my ice cream.  I need to stick with my tried and true flavors that I love! 

After our ice cream, we took a little walk by the other shoppes their and went into a big beach supply store. They had all the nick knacks like t-shirts, mugs, shot glasses, etc.  We were looking for some new swimmies for Kaitlyn because her broke right before we got out of the pool earlier in the day.  But they only had boring plain ones and were WAY expensive.  

We left the store and went back to the resort.  Got the kids in bed and Andrew and I were able to watch Big Brother together!  It was a wonderful birthday!!!


  1. Just caught up on all your birthday weekend recaps, your weekend looked fabulous! I'm jealous you live so close to the water! Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Thank you so much! It was so nice getting both options of the pool or beach.