December 2014

December 2014

Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday ~ Link Up

It's almost the weekend, what what!  I'm in full party planning mode as my girl's birthday party is on Sunday, so let's get right to it!
Sigh, a week ago I was here, on Singer Island, Florida.  Take me back, please!

Those two bobbin heads are Andrew & Kaitlyn
Somehow this little girl is turning 3 TOMORROW!  
Birth Day - 9.14.10
One year old - 9.14.11
2 Years Old - 9.14.12

3 Years Old Tomorrow! Bringing in her birthday cupcakes for her classmates!
Have you checked out the new coupon app from Target, Cartwheel?  You get to select different deals  and get a percentage off each item that is listed.  For example, they had 5% off Ariel play sets and 15% off Cherokee girl apparel, so I saved a few dollars on those items!  It was great because I was already going to buy those items anyway, so it was nice to save some money on them.  The percentages aren't usually enough to buy just because of them being on sale, but it's definitely a plus when the item that I was going to buy anyway is on sale!

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don't get everyone's food crush on pumpkin spice this, and pumpkin that.  And why all of the sudden, everyone seems to want to make love to it!  It's just pumpkin people! Must be the whole only available for a limited time thing.  I may not be into the whole pumpkin spice thing..but I am looking forward to one pumpkin thing...

The pumpkin patch!
She's gonna love it!
Well are those random enough for ya?  Enjoy your weekend, and leave me a comment if you stopped by, I want to say hi! :)


  1. Thanks for the info about Cartwheel! I never heard of that before and I LOVE Target =) Happy Birthday to your little girl!!!

    1. You're welcome! of course it makes me want to buy even MORE stuff there, hehe!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little girl! I looking forward to the pumpkin patch too!!

    1. Thanks, and thanks for stopping by! Now if only the weather will be cool enough for pumpkin patching!