December 2014

December 2014

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekend Recap - Labor Day at Disney - Part 3

So still playing catch up from the labor day weekend recap.  Sunday was over, and it was now Monday morning, Labor Day!  The kids slept all night AGAIN!  I'm liking this vacation thing with tiring them out! This is Zack's first time sleeping back to back through the night, holla!  On our agenda this morning is to pack up the cars since we were leaving today (sad face :( ), but we were finally going to get into the parks! (Happy face! :) )  Hollywood Studios it was.  But first, we had to fuel ourselves, so we headed down to breakfast at the food court again.  This time Andrew and I got omelettes, OMG they were good.  And, this is where we discovered what the vinylmation craze is all about.......
If you haven't heard about these collectibles, they are super addicting.  Disney really knows how to rope you in!  I plan on having a separate post about these, but here is the gist.  Vinylmation are these collectible figurines, they all look like a Mickey person, but are all themed differently.  Some you can buy them straight up, meaning you can see what they look like.  For example, you can buy the Toy Story themed ones, that are Woody, Buzz, etc.  Others are a mystery.  You are literally buying a box, and not knowing what is inside it.  One of the mystery sets that is out right now is The Little Mermaid.  And Andrew decides his little girl needs to have not one, but two of these.  So he goes and buys them after breakfast, and brings them back to Kaitlyn to open at the table.  She opens them and gets King Triton and Ursula.  
Aren't these so cool?
Kaitlyn LOVED them!  And just like Andrew, his mom had to buy one for Kaitlyn too.  And of course, wouldn't you know it, she got another Ursula.  We opened it without Kaitlyn seeing, because we weren't sure how she would re-act.  We held onto it and were going to see if we could trade it for another one at the park.

We drove to Hollywood Studios and first on our list was to see Sofia!!  She just started appearing at the parks, and Kaitlyn loves her, so Andrew and Kaitlyn got in the line, and I took Zack into some shops so he could beat the heat.
I'll give you smiles mom, as long as it's not hot out!
We went into the animation store - such cool things!
Cute magnets, would be great art pieces too! Maybe a future DIY?

Halloween decor is out, loving these Jim Shore pieces
Andrew and I kept texting back and forth and once she got closer to the front, I headed over to meet them. Kaitlyn was next in line, and Sofia had to go "polish her amulet".  So we had to wait just a little while longer. I am always so surprised how well Kaitlyn does waiting in those lines.  She rarely complains and always knows she has to wait her turn.  She wasn't even phased when she was next in line and Sofia had to leave momentarily. 
Waiting her turn!

We got some good  pics!!
Princess Pose!

After Sofia, Zack was hungry, so I found a quiet, air conditioned spot.  And of course a photo op.

We met up with the rest of Andrew's family and got some popcorn.  We also checked out the vinylmation trading area, and traded our 2nd Ursula to get a different vinylmation.  I'll fill you in on that in my vinylmation post! (the suspense is killing you right?)
We were hot and hungry, so we headed out of the park to get some grub back at Port Orleans.   

Love this show and love this sign, another future DIY of our family like this? Can you tell art was on my mind?
We drove to Port Orleans French Quarter and ate at the food court again. They had a slightly different selection of food.  I love the theming in this food court.  

This guy was a little creepy though...
I got a shrimp Po' Boy, it was delicious!  We were finishing up our dining plan, so I also got a desert, I got a mickey ice cream sandwich, can't go wrong there!

After lunch, we checked out the gift shop, we had some snacks still on the dining plan to use up!  Note to those who get the dining plan: Use all of your meals and snacks in the beginning.  We were too worried about saving them, that we didn't use all of them till the end, which wasn't the wisest.  

We made one more trip out to the gators by the pool and then got in the car and headed home. :(
It was a lovely long, relaxing weekend!  Can't wait to go back to Disney, especially when the weather finally cools down!

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