December 2014

December 2014

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Recap ~ Labor day at Disney - Part One

 Happy Monday....errr Tuesday!  I hope everyone had a nice relaxing Labor Day Weekend!  We sure did!  We stayed out at Disney on Saturday night and Sunday night, with Andrew's parents and brother, Matt.  The resort we stayed at was the Pop Century.  On Saturday morning, we woke up, got the kids dressed and fed and packed!  Kaitlyn was so excited we were staying at a hotel!  We got to our resort and went to check in. 
Kaitlyn and I hanging out in the kids area
Disney really knows how to do it right!  We had a bit of a wait at check in, but Kaitlyn was fine jumping from ottoman to ottoman and watching cartoons in the kids room.  We also got to test out the new magic bands from Disney!  And if you haven't heard about these, OMG they are soooo awesome!  They are your room key, your park ticket, even your fast pass!  And of course true to Disney fashion, if you check in early, you can get personalized bands, and then you can add some bling to them as well.  It was so nice not having to keep track of our room key, or worry about having my credit card or any money on me.  Just as long as I had my band on my wrist, I was good to go! 
My Magic Band! LOVE!
I'm so thinking the pink one!!!!
We had a short walk from the lobby to our room, we were staying in the seventies building.
Remember the rotary phones?
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the room...bad Suzanne!  We dropped all of our stuff at our room and headed to the food court.  They have a pretty nice food court, with many different options.  Andrew and I both got the pizza bread, and Kaitlyn got a mac-n-cheese.  After eating lunch, we went back to the room and went swimming.  Luckily, Zack went down for his long nap for the day, so I got to go swimming with Kaitlyn and Andrew.  Andrew's parents stayed in the room and watched some college football.
We went in the "hippy dippy" pool. Again, no pictures!  We got back to the room, and Kaitlyn was pretty tired. She didn't have her nap yet and it was already almost 5!  She wanted to take a nap, so we let her sleep some before dinner.  Once she was up, it was time for dinner.  We decided to head over to the Animation Resort for dinner.  The Pop is connected to it, so we could walk over there.  It was a nice walk, the weather wasn't too bad, and Kaitlyn got to see some turtles on the way, and we checked out the big blue pool and the Nemo themed buildings.  We also had the dining plan for this trip, so I got to order an entre, a drink and a desert.  I don't remember what I had for dinner, but I do know I got a humongous cupcake, it was pretty good. 
After dinner, we decided to walk around the resort and check out the other buildings. 
First up was the Lion King themed buildings.

They had a cool play area of caves for the kids - It was with the hyenas, the elephant graveyard!  We watch the Lion King a lot, so Kaitlyn really enjoyed seeing all of the characters.  We also saw Simba - all grown up, Scar and then the scene of Little Simba, Timon & Pumba walking across the log.
Up next was the Little Mermaid!  I was super excited because Kaitlyn is in love with the Little Mermaid right now, plus her birthday party is going to be Under the Sea themed, so we were all excited!
Prince Eric (well his statue)
A "snarflak" You can see the rooms behind there
Family photo with Ariel and Flounder!
Love all of these colors!
And across is King Triton!
Don't forget Sebastian!
Dinglehopper! Kaitlyn thinks she's funny and will twirl her hair with her fork at dinner.....

Kaitlyn usually is scared of the villians in every movie, but for some reason she likes Ursula! She wanted her picture with her.
Kaitlyn really enjoyed pointing to all of the characters and calling out their names!  We definitely will want to stay here in the near future.  Even though we didn't head into the parks on the first day, it was still fun!  And I think Kaitlyn thought we were in the parks anyway! 
We walked back to our resort and put the kids to bed, they were both beat!   We snuck out for an evening dip in the pool.  It was very nice to get some quality one on one time!  And a perfect ending to our first day!  Up next, day two - do we get into the parks or not??
My Magic Band! LOVE!


  1. Those magic bands sound amazing!! The hotel you guys stayed at looks so fun!

    1. They are very cool. I can't wait when we go back in December, we get to pick our colored band!