December 2014

December 2014

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend Recap - Labor day at Disney - Part 2

Sorry it took so long to put day 2 up from our Disney weekend, it was my birthday on Sunday, and we went away on Friday for a long beach weekend.  So I've been busy busy!  
Hmm..let's see where did I leave off?  

We had a nice evening on Saturday, we must have tuckered the kids out, because the BOTH slept through the night!  WOOHOO!!
Waking up in a Disney can you NOT be happy?
Love these two!

Once we woke up, we got dressed and headed down to get some breakfast at the food court.  I got the bountiful platter, which consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, potato casserole and 2 pancakes.  It was super yum.  Kaitlyn had the kids pancakes with bacon.  After breakfast, we took our time and checked out the gift shop.
Kaitlyn was taking a "nap" with her new friends
Today was going to be a pool day.  Andrew's sister, Melissa and her two kids were coming over, so we got a table with an umbrella right by the pool.  It was a very scientific choice, because we wanted to make sure we had optimal shade.  Once we were all swimsuited up, we headed back down to our table.  Kaitlyn and Andrew got in the pool right away, and I hung out with Zackary at the table.  He was a bit fussy because of the heat, so I took him inside the lobby to cool him down.  I knew he was tired and he finally fell asleep and I put him in the stroller.  Andrew's mom offered to watch him sleep, so I headed into the pool with Andrew and Kaitlyn.  It was so hot out that the pool felt soooo good!  

Shortly after I got in, they started a parachute game with the kids in the pool.  It was one of those huge colorful parachutes where everyone grabs a side and you can do different things with it.  I could tell Kaitlyn wanted to join in, but of course was very hesitant.  I got out with her and she and I grabbed an end of the parachute and began bouncing it up and down.  She was having so much fun!  Then it went to another game. This time, everyone had to hold the parachute down, and then on the count of three, everyone lifted it high and the cast member would name a ride and if you have been on it, you got to walk under the parachute to another spot.  Well of course with the kids being kids, no one listened to her and just ran under the parachute as soon as it went up, including my little Kaitlyn.  I think she just followed what everyone else was doing, and as soon as she went in, I started panicking.  What if she got stuck under there?  She's too small, she's going to get trampled!  I had all these horrible thoughts running through my head.  I almost wanted to run under there and get her, but I told myself, she is getting bigger and more independent, let's she what she does.  She found her way out (although it felt like she was under there for hours) and I could tell she was a little spooked by it.  The next time it went up, she only went slightly in and didn't run around under it.  Guess she isn't quite ready to go off on her own yet. (and that makes me a teensy bit happy...ok a LOT happy!)

After that game was over, Disney bingo started.  We got our card and buttons, aka chips, but I could tell pretty quickly that she wasn't into it.  She didn't quite get the game and just kept moving all of the buttons around on the card.  But I am proud to say that she named almost all of the characters!  While she went off with Andrew to swim some more, I stayed and played. Sadly, we didn't get any bingos.  
It was getting late, and we were all getting hungry, so we got out of the pool.  Andrew's mom, Jane, just got back from walking with Zack, guess he had been fussing, so they took him in the ac.  That was my cue that it was time to feed him too, so I took him back to the room, while Andrew and Kaitlyn got some food at the food court.
Naked baby cuddle time!
Once Zack was fed, he took a nap.  Andrew and Kaitlyn came back into the room, and Kaitlyn was ready for her nap too.  So now it was my time to head down to the pool and grab some lunch.  Everyone else was still at the pool, so I took my lunch to our table.  I got a tuna salad sandwich, and it was very tasty!  Zack was still sleeping, so I stayed by the pool and enjoyed some time chatting with the family.

Once nap times were over and Melissa and her kids left, it was time for dinner.  We didn't want to wear the kids out, so we thought we would take it easy tonight, and then hit a park in the morning, on Labor Day.  So we decided to drive over to Port Orleans for dinner.  I really love this resort, we went to the French Quarter side.  We ate at their food court, which of course was "Nawlins inspired.  We were all eating off the meal plan tonight, so I got a beverage and got I think chicken parm for my entree.  For desert, I got the beignets. They were sooo tasty!  Andrew got a huge cookie ice cream sandwich for his desert.  After dinner, we walked around outside.  It was lightening, so the pool there was closed.  But Kaitlyn wanted to get her picture taken with the gators!

It was getting late, and we headed back home.  I was exhausted that night, so once the kids were in bed, I went to bed too.  Andrew went back to the pool for a little late night swimming and then came back later.  

Phew, sorry this got so long, and thanks for reading through if you got this far!


  1. naked baby cuddle time is the BEST!! Such a cute baby too - he looks so little in that picture!