December 2014

December 2014

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap, the Big One - Part 2

Playing catch up from last weekend. (One of these days I will actually catch up!!)Read part 1 here.

Saturday we woke up bright and early, well the kids woke us up.  The plan for the day was to hit the beach in the morning, and then the pool in the afternoon after naps.

We had breakfast in our room, bagels and cream cheese.  We ate, got dressed and packed our bajillion things.  Seriously, we had our umbrella, one beach chair, towels, my diaper bag, Kaitlyn's bucket and us. And I had to hold Zack, since we didn't bring the stroller, since it is so hard to maneuver a stroller in the sand.

We got all situated and I fed Zack and he soon fell asleep.
Must be the waves....
I attempted to get a little bit of reading in, but Kaitlyn quickly saw that I was not attached to a baby, and she wanted to go in the water with me.
Almost got to read......
The water was pretty warm, I think they said it was 83 degrees.  Kaitlyn and I enjoyed jumping the waves and making sand castles.  I held her a few times and we went deeper in the water.  But then I saw a school of fish, and started thinking of we didn't go much further then.  I tried to show her the fish in the water, it was pretty clear, but I don't think she saw them.  Andrew and I switched places, and soon after I was back to our umbrella, Zack started to wake up.  I tried feeding him again, but either he didn't like the heat or the saltiness, he started throwing a little fit.  It was getting close to lunch time anyway, so I figured we should head back up to the room.

We had our leftover pizza for lunch, and Kaitlyn and Zack went down for their naps.  Andrew graciously offered to stay in the room to watch the kids so I could head back down to the beach.  I got changed and out that door so quickly, he barely had time to say bye! Hee hee hee.

Ahh, no kids, just me and my book and the beach
I probably got a good hour in, before the hubs texted me that Zack was waking up.  Not too shabby.  I took my time packing up and headed back up to our room.  Once everyone was awake, we got ready to hit the pool.  Kaitlyn loves swimming in Grandma and Nana's pools at home, so she was excited.  Plus, this one had a water slide!   Once we got to the pool though....we saw some storm clouds heading our way.
It does not look good behind me!
Zack could care less, in fact it wasn't so humid, so he was happy.
We knew we didn't have much time left, so we Andrew and Kaitlyn quickly got in the pool.  
See those two bobbing heads? They belong to me! :)
They checked out the water slide, and Kaitlyn was excited to go on it.  They walked up the steps to the slide, but then she chickened out.  She wasn't quite ready for it yet.

Pretty soon after that, the lightening and thunder was coming, so they were closing the pool, which meant it was time to head back to our room for some dinner! We still had pizza left, so we finished that off.  The storm clouds rolled on out, and we headed back down to the beach for some more shell searching.
Our resort from the ocean
Showing off their shells!
It was a wonderful evening out, and I brought my ergo, so I carried Zack that way.  Such a nice ending to a nice day.  Up next, my actual BIRTHDAY! :)

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